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Yoga and the Rain

Two things that relax me. I practice Hatha Yoga two times a week at a local studio. I started doing this earlier in the year because I needed to properly manage my stress. I stopped for a few months while I was job hunting, reasoning that I could do without the extra expense of class fees. I think I was wrong because going back to it now, I realize that it would have helped my health and spirit through that rather tumultuous time.

Today it’s pouring down rain and thundering like it does in New Orleans. Those thunderstorms became a comfort to me; watching big, fat raindrops slam the pavement on the road outside my mid-city apartment. There’s something sensuous about a good rain storm, I think. And frankly, after Yoga, although I feel relaxed, I’m invigorated and in touch with my body. (This is a nice way of saying in the mood, eh?)

It’s interesting to me though that Yoga, through breathing and structured poses would relax me almost as much as a chaotic, loud, thunderstorm does. Perhaps they appease different parts of me: one part always searching for calm and serenity, the other seeking excitement.


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