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The good life

I am no expert. I’ve found that I have a terrible memory for names of wines and beers, not to mention other foods (e.g., cheeses) & drinks. I know what I like… when I taste it. But I might not remember tomorrow what it was. Once upon a time, in another life, I had the opportunity to eat some very pricey, very gourmet, and very good foods and wines from around the world (in New York City). In a different life altogether, I learned a lot about beer (and that there’s more to beer than Guiness and Shiner, TGFSFs). I have very definite opinions about some things (I prefer reds to whites, don’t like lagers, love IPAs, and could eat Ethiopian food ’til I’m ill), but mostly, I just love to eat and drink. It’s not like I go crazy or anything – one glass of beer is more than enough, and so is one scoop of ice cream. But I can make a glass of beer last an awfully long time… and savor every second.

Of late, I’ve been taking a “tour of the world” with some friends from work. It started with Ethiopian, but we’ve been for Turkish, Afghan, Thai, Indian, Russian, Chinese, Kabob… I don’t even remember what all. And it’s all good. My husband makes the best fajitas I’ve ever had. I love pancakes for dinner. Grilled onions straight out of the skillet. Cocoa Pebbles with cartoons in the morning.

I’m pretty much happy with whatever is put before me – cereal and yogurt for dinner? No problem. Cold pizza for breakfast? Suits me. But sometimes, life hands me an experience that reminds me how much I love food.

Tonight, I went to Spagio Cellars, a little wine bar associated with Spagio European and Pacific Rim Cuisine. As an aside before I launch in, lemme say that my favorite concept in the restaurant business is the sampler. It’s not that I’m indecisive (OK, I am, but that’s beside the point), but why pick when you can taste everything? Anyway, so first we ordered this Artisan Cheese Board. 1000 day aged Gouda, Brie, Chevre, Spanish Tetilla, and Cambozola… served with a dried fig, a dried date, three tiny slices of pepperoni, and french bread. OMG, I’ve died and gone to heaven. Then, I ordered a flight of “full bodied reds.” Two ounce glasses of: Chateau Coupes Roses, 2005 Minervois La Bastide (Languedoc, France); Turkey Flat, 2005 Butcher’s Block (Barossa Valley, Australia); and Domaine Bastide Blanche, 2004 Bandol (Provence, France). Of all these, the one I liked the best was the one with the least pretty name – Turkey Flat – but all three were damn good.

Now, my mouth is happy.


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