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I admit it, collaborating isn’t really my thing. The last time I seriously worked with other creative individuals was my high school musical, ‘Bye Bye Birdie’. Sure, I won a production and drama award which padded my already fluffy college application, but at what cost? I lost a few friends, my high school sweetheart, and ended up spending the rest of my senior year stressed out and completely unapproachable. I poured my heart and soul into that damn musical, and I don’t think we sold out any of our performances.

The next time I tried to work with someone on a creative project was during my sophomore year of college in my Intro to Creative Non-Fiction class. I got stuck with the class stoner- a General Studies major and wannabe-punk-rocker edited my very personal and emotional essay about my relationship to Joyce Carol Oates’ books. I think he ended up butchering it , having never read nor heard about Oates, and I went home disheartened and cynical of the workshop method of teaching writing.

Of course, I later found my own voice through other workshop classes in which I proudly refused to partner up with anyone again.

Until now.

The idea behind this blog is simple: Three women from three different parts of the country, working in three different professions, living three different lives will be writing here. And somehow, through all of our differences, we seem to find a common understanding of what it’s like to be a young woman in 2008. Let’s face it: We love. We laugh. We hold our families near. We eat. We drink good wine and beer. We create to feel alive and make love to feel invincible. Well, at least I do.

We are three women who share our stories, different narratives but with the same purpose: We love life, for better or for worse.


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