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Goodbye Orange

First and foremost, there is glitter on my shirt and I have no idea where it came from. It’s driving me crazy!


The events of last week have been staggering and unfortunately have kept me from posting something profound on this blog. I apologize for that. Let me explain…


Oregon’s Capitol Building is old, very old, and was last renovated back in the 1970’s complete with the installation of the brightest burnt orange carpet one has ever seen. When you first start working in the building you become nauseated by the overwhelming color foul committed by the squares of dingy orange chasing you around the senate wing. After a few months of working in the building you have trained yourself to never look down and eventually after your year anniversary you are numb in sight from your ankles down. It is something that all senate employees have become accustomed to over the last 30 years.


Recently, budget funds allowed for a renovation of the wings (senate and house) which included removing every disgusting orange square of carpet and modernizing the look of Oregon’s most recognized building. Unfortunately my office, being in the main part of the building and not the wings, was not included for total remodel but at least we scored new carpet and hand-me-down office furniture to update our environment. Trust me, after two years of orange and old, I was thrilled.


My excitement was soon foiled as I am highly allergic to whatever substance is in carpet glue and between recovering from a cold and the constant exposure to a substance worse then phermeldahyde I’ve become the poster child for decongestant and Kleenex. In a sniffle-some process that took about a week my coworkers and I packed up our offices, cleaned, reorganized, plat mapped and watched as our little rooms transformed into the jewel of modernization. I’ve never been so happy to finally see the weekend roll around.


Over the weekend, however, a fire broke out in the office of a very influential member of Oregon government. It just happens that it is within the building and on the same floor that I work. The entire 70-year-old office, which housed historical items from the foundation of Oregon, is a total loss and the entire building is a smoke-infused mess. Upon returning to work cheerful and fully-loaded with Sudafed, I am greeted by cleaning crews, environmental safety specialists and the overwhelming smell of ancient barbeque permeating my nostrils.


I have no idea how, between carpet glue, cleaners and fire residue I’m still the everglowing personality behind a desk of the senate parliamentary administration. There are boxes piled in my office a mile high that need unpacking, no furniture to unpack them into yet and I can’t find my stapler, which I promise is TOTALLY unrelated to the fire. At least I have Pedro, the angry beta fish, to keep me company in this insanity they call “government”.


Hope all is well with my 2 other talented ladies on 3 Women and our dedicated readers…much love to you all.


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