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My turn…

I’m “east coast,” although “east coast” isn’t quite home. A Texan by birth and rearing, I still feel far from home sometimes, even after a year.

They say “home is where the heart is.” In the first six months after moving out east, I truly learned what that phrase means. I literally (yes literally) felt like my heart was evenly distributed between Texas and my new home, where I had my dear husband and darling daughter. Some nights, it my heart rattled so hard, it felt like somebody was kicking my bed. Some days, I think I took one sip of air every minute or so – just enough to stay alive – because my chest hurt so bad.

The transition was one of the hardest (if not THE hardest) things I’ve ever been through, but here I am, and my heart has decided to move back into my chest, where it belongs. In the process of moving away from my home, my friends, and my family, I discovered many things about myself, about identity crises and where they come from, and about the world of social networking and blogging sites. I’ve never been good with the phone, and through various online media, I’ve been able to get in touch with people I haven’t heard from in years, as well as stay in touch with those most dear (excepting those who live with me, of course). And fairly recently, I’ve been meeting new friends this way as well. Suddenly, I feel like I’m part of the world again (virtual though it may be ;-).

Meredith’s invitation to start this blog together also inspired me to migrate my own blog into a more public forum; check out bearablelight.wordpress.com, or “Forever…” in our blogroll. I’ll have plenty of new material soon, as well as re-postings or revisions of some earlier material.

A chemist by training, I’m also in love with philosophy, film, literature, art, handiwork, costuming, and people (as individuals and in small numbers). I have a tendency to pour myself into everything and to grow extremely attached to people. This tendency leads to utter devastation in the face of failure of a project or loss of a friend, but far more satisfaction in the face of success. Passion does tend to lend itself to extremes, I suppose.

I love to write, I think more in metaphor and movie/music quotes than in plain English, and I’ve just taken up drawing in order to give life to some of my less-articulable ideas. I hope you enjoy our blog! Let us know what you think!


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